Anthony R. Fiorillo
Museum of Nature and Science
P.O. Box 151469
Dallas, Texas 7531

As far back as he can remember Dr. Anthony R. Fiorillo has only wanted to do one of two things professionally, play centerfield for the New York Yankees or study dinosaurs. Much to the detriment of his parentsí retirement plans, he studies dinosaurs.

Dr. Fiorillo received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Connecticut and his Master of Science degree from the University of Nebraska.  He completed his Ph.D. work in vertebrate paleontology at the University of Pennsylvania in 1989. For the next two years he was the Rea Postdoctoral Fellow at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and then a museum scientist at the Museum of Paleontology. Since 1995 he has been the Curator of Earth Sciences at the Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas, and has been working in Alaska on various dinosaur projects since 1998. His work in over a dozen units of the National Park Service won him national recognition in 2000 and again in 2007 with the National Park Service, Alaska Region Natural Resource Research Award. He was also named a Fellow of the Geological Society of America in 2008. For him, the appeal of the work in Alaska is the result of the combination of intellectual pursuit and the rigors of working in the Arctic environment.